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What are some signs or symptoms of feeding and swallowing disorders in children?

By Tiffany Woodcock | Jul 13, 2012

Children with feeding and swallowing problems have a wide variety of symptoms. Not all signs and symptoms are present in every child.  The following are signs and symptoms of feeding and swallowing problems in very young children: arching or stiffening of the body during feeding irritability or lack of alertness during feeding refusing food or…

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By Mickey Mellen | Jun 15, 2012

Picky Eating:  a symptom versus a disorder “Picky eating” is normal for children two to six years of age. When picky eating habits continue beyond these years or lead to nutritional deficits these “habits” may actually be a disorder or a symptom of something else. Picky eating as a disorder occurs when the child’s rejection…

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iPad App Recommendations

By Mickey Mellen | May 26, 2012

We have added more apps to our list of great apps for development! Most are free! 2-year olds Old Mac HD Itsy Bittsy HD PickPix Tot LanguageMatch iLanguage – Language builder BabyBus Body Parts Shapes – Receptive shape identification Autism iHelp – Toddler vocabulary iTot Cards – Basic vocabulary Magic Voice – Child must vocalize…

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How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?

By Tiffany Woodcock | May 9, 2012

Children begin developing communication skills as infants. Any speech or language problem is likely to have a significant effect on a child’s social and academic skills and behavior. The earlier a child’s speech and language problems are idenitfied and treated, the less likely it is that problems will persist or get worse. Early speech and…

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What is Language? What is Speech?

By Tiffany Woodcock | May 2, 2012

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month! Throughout the month, we will be posting about different aspects of speech and language. The first post of the month will discuss the difference between speech and language. Language is different from speech. Language is made up of socially shared rules that include the following: What words mean…

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Parts of the Brain Affected by Autism

By Tiffany Woodcock | Apr 27, 2012

Source: For more information on autism and pediatric therapy, visit us at or call us at 770-209-9826!

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By Tiffany Woodcock | Apr 25, 2012

The Marcus Autism Center Educational Symposium, presented in conjunction with Autism Speaks – Georgia Chapter, will take place on Saturday, May 5, 8:30 a.m. – noon. This event is free and open to the public! Please make plans to attend and learn more about Autism Spectrum Disorders! For more information on speech and occupational therapy,…

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Suggestions for Supporting Language Development at Home

By Tiffany Woodcock | Apr 20, 2012

Pair words or sounds with familiar actions. For example, the word “pop” can be used when popping bubbles or “up” and “down” can be used while lifting your child in the air and putting him or her down. Mirror Play. You can use a mirror to make funny faces that require the movements of the…

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Autism Society: Improving Digestion

By Tiffany Woodcock | Apr 6, 2012

Here are some first steps The Autism Society suggests for improving digestion in individuals diagnosed with autism: How to Begin: Dietary Modifications to Improve Leaky Gut and Gut InflammationImproving digestion, reducing inflammation and healing the gut are important steps in overall health and healing. Behavior, language, eye contact and skin rashes are a few of…

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