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Reading 101: The Importance of Phonemic Awareness

By Renee Cayer B.A. Did you know that children need to have a strong understanding of spoken language before they can understand written language? This article discusses the importance of phonemic awareness—-the ability to differentiate and manipulate letter sounds— that will surely lead your child to reading success! What is Phonemic Awareness? Phonemic awareness is…

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Animal Rhymes

Rhyming activites are a great way to improve phonological awareness. Phonological awareness refers to an individual’s awareness of the phonological structure, or sound structure, of spoken words. It is essential for future reading skills. Click here for some great animal rhymes ranging in skill level! “I’m stopping for a moment just to say ‘How-do-you-do?’ I’ve just…

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A Daily Dose of Laughter in a Book

We all know how important a daily dose of laughter is! Here are some funny books for several age ranges. Good Night, GorillaAuthor: Peggy RathmanAges: Infant-4 yrs. 10 Minutes Till BedtimeAuthor: Peggy RathmanAges: Infant-4 yrs. Sheep in A JeepAuthor: Nancy Shaw Margot AppleAges: Infant – 4 yrs. Lilly’s Purple Plastic PurseAuthor: Kevin HenkesAges: 4 –…

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Reading to Children

Ever wonder what to say to a young child who can’t answer you with words? Read a book. Even the youngest child loves the sound of voices. Reading books to little ones at an early age is important. Reading children’s stories out loud is one of the best activities an adult can do with a…

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Typical Pre-Reading Skills Development

3-4 Years Spontaneously Produces Rhyme: The child sings and chants rhyming words without awareness of what rhyme is. Ex: Child is pretending to read a book and says “pig wig jig” 4-5 Years Ability to Identify Rhyme: The child identifies that some words have the same ending sounds or sound the same at the end.…

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Using Photo Books to Increase Vocabulary, Grammar, and Narrative Skills

Looking for summer activities to help kids with language skills? ASHAsphere blogger Becca Jarzynski suggests using photo books to increase vocabulary, grammar, and narrative skills. “Making photo books with your kids is a fabulous way to help increase their language skills. It matters not if you are a mom simply looking for  creative ways to…

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