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OT-truck-500x750-5413Fine motor control is often thought of due to its essential role in participating in school-based activities such as writing, cutting, coloring, and manipulating any small objects. This area of development is also needed for independence in dressing, self-feeding, hygiene, play, and almost any facet of life one is engaged. Children require the development of fine motor skills to grasp and voluntarily release any object and complete tasks efficiently and effectively. Occupational therapy can affect change in this developmental area through strengthening, bilateral tasks, adaptive strategies, and parent education to help the child build confidence in what can be a very frustrating area of development.

Fine motor deficits can be characterized by:

  • Weak grasp
  • Immature grasp patterns when drawing or writing
  • Difficulty with eating utensils
  • Unable to open containers
  • Lack of interest in grasping objects
  • Poor hand-eye coordination
  • Gravitation towards gross motor play and avoidance of fine motor tasks

The following site provides comprehensive information on overall motor development and milestones: