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Sarah Hay PhD, CCC-SLP is one of our newest additions to the PediaSpeech family!
Sarah received her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Disorders at Auburn University, her Master’s of Science in Communication Disorders from Baylor University, and her Doctorate from the University of Memphis. Her doctoral dissertation was on processing limitations in children with dyslexia. Sarah has 10 years of experience as a speech-language pathologist, treating both adult and pediatric clients. Her specialty is in language development with a focus on reading and processing disorders. She has worked in multiple rehabilitation hospitals with both adult and pediatric patients who were diagnosed with various disorders including, expressive, receptive, speech, and cognitive disorders and dysphagia. She has also worked in multiple school districts where she treated children ranging in ages from 3 to 21 with expressive and receptive language disorders, apraxia, articulation disorders, fluency disorders, emotional disorders, and autism.

Sarah moved to Atlanta in 2011 and is enjoying exploring her new home. She loves to garden, cook, travel, and spend time with her amazing family. She has two beautiful poodles, Gilbert and Oliver and one perfect little kitty, Sister.