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Non-tech toys and games can promote your child’s language learning

Happy holidays from all of us here at PediaSpeech. In the spirit of holiday giving, we want to share this helpful post that appears on the ASHA Leader blog.

The post gives some great advice on using as an ideal opportunity to get back to the basics in childhood play — and how to use these basics to foster communication and social interaction. The authors give examples of non-tech gifts to help children build their skills.

Actually, we feel that that advice given really fits for any time of the year. It can be tempting to give our children high tech toys and games. However, we find that the basic “traditional” non-tech toys, games, and books can provide ample opportunities for skill building. Our therapists are always happy to share tips on how you can apply this advice at home.

10 (Non-Tech) Holiday Gift Ideas to Promote Kids’ Language, Learning