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Reading to Children

Ever wonder what to say to a young child who can’t answer you with words? Read a book. Even the youngest child loves the sound of voices. Reading books to little ones at an early age is important. Reading children’s stories out loud is one of the best activities an adult can do with a child.

  1. Reading to children helps the brain grow.
  2. Children who are read to are better able to learn to read themselves.
  3. Reading with a child is a simple way to establish a strong bond.

The best part about reading stories to children is that we can all do it! We don’t have to be expert readers. Children love it when you talk about and point to the pictures in a book. Children especially love snuggling up and enjoying a special story. Isn’t it great to know that something so simple can make such a difference?

So, if you haven’t read a book to a child today, pick up a book and get started reading! The greatest gift we can give children is the gift of our time. Any day is a good day to offer the gift of yourself by reading a book to a child.

  • Use words like up, down, right, left.
  • Talk about opposites: in and out, up and down, on or off, hot or cold, fast or slow.
  • Use different words that mean the same thing. If your child talks about the time after dinner, respond using the word “evening.”
  • Pick out a new word, and tell your child what it means.
  • Visit your library for books on subjects that interest your child. Many children love books about animals or machines, and these books can introduce new words.
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