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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!  The start of the school year is upon us, which can be great for maintaining consistent schedules, but can be daunting due to the amount of ‘new’ for those that have difficulty with change and transitions. It is essential to manage sensory needs in the classroom for regulation purposes and to be at the optimal arousal level for learning.

The following are some tips to incorporate at school for each group of sensory seekers.

Tactile Strategies:

  • Put Velcro under the desk
  • Wash your face or hands with cold water
  • Give high 5’s to classmates
  • Clean desks with shaving cream

Proprioceptive Strategies:

  • Carry heavy books or run ‘errands’
  • Rearrange classroom furniture
  • Push out the sides of the room (wall pushups)
  • Squeeze hands together or press into thighs
  • Chair push ups

Vestibular Strategies

  • Take movement ‘brain breaks’
  • Use for a fun dance activity
  • Wave to classmates while ‘upside down’ between legs
  • Playground play! (slides, swings, climbing)
  • Animal walks
  • Jumping activities (jumping jacks, skipping)

Trouble sitting still?

  • Tie a resistance band under the child’s chair
  • Use a move and sit cushion
  • Complete work on the floor
  • Provide a foot rest to ensure feet touch the ground