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Choosing a therapist for your child is an important decision. There are many factors to consider. To help you decide, here are some of the comments from past and present parents with children who benefited from PediaSpeech Services.

Note: Your privacy is a concern that we take very seriously. The comments posted here are used with permission.

We could not be more pleased with PediaSpeech! After years of therapy at other locations, we saw significant improvement with our son once we switched to PediaSpeech. Jennifer and her team took the time to assess what therapies our son needed and put a plan in place to help him. In addition to needing speech therapy, Jack has ADHD and has always struggled with reading.  We utilized the Fast ForWord program and in less than a year Jack was more engaged at school, and for the first time in his life he is reading at grade level.

-- Kim Diamond, son to Jack (8)

I am an adult client with a tongue thrust issue that had destroyed the orthodontic work I had done to straighten my teeth.  I was referred to PediaSpeech by my orthodontist in order to teach me how to fix my tongue thrust so my teeth would stay in place. Well my second round of braces came off in June and between my devout retainer wearing and my new way of swallowing, everything seems to be staying in place! I was so thrilled to have worked with PediaSpeech as they helped me to see such clear results.  I was skeptical that I could truly learn to swallow differently, but after just a few short months, I really noticed that it was becoming habit.

-- S.T., adult client

Ever since Miss Molly began working with my 3 year old son Braylon, I have seen a tremendous amount of improvement. He's been to multiple speech therapists and you were the only one to recognize his apraxia immediately, which is why your treatments have been so effective. When Braylon first began, you were unable to understand anything he said. Now he is able to put words together with multiple syllables as well as verbally express his thoughts instead of pointing. You make therapy fun and creative for kids, but you also educate the parents on how we can continue helping children progress on a daily basis. I am so grateful we were awarded the opportunity to work with you. Because of your knowledge and patience, I am able to understand my child's words as well as incorporate your techniques making my son want to keep practicing his sentences and articulation. Thank you Miss Molly!

-- Terra, Mom to Braylon, Age 3

We've been working with Kris Osher at PediaSpeech for almost a year. Kris is great at working my three year old son and helping him achieve his developmental milestones. He is professional, personable and we look forward to our weekly sessions with him!

PediaSpeech is a highly professional organization. The therapists understand the uniqueness of each client and are passionate in delivering exceptional quality in services! We are currently seeing Kris Osher, for OT, Carly Morris, for Speech, and Sarah Hay for Reading. We have participated in a social development camp this summer, and look forward to the continued success we have experienced over the past several months!

My son is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with significant reading and language delays as well as an eating disorder. After trying literally dozens of different therapists, we finally found the right ones. Collier’s therapist has been working with him on expressive language, memory, reading comprehension, etc. and he has made TREMENDOUS improvements under her guidance. She is EXCELLENT.

Regarding his eating disorder, my son ate nothing but pureed baby food until he was 6 1/2. We tried tons of doctors and therapists--with no luck. We had pretty much given up hope. Then, we found PediaSpeech and Miss Jennifer. She had him eating within THREE months. It has been over a year and he now eats strawberries, pizza, and all of the other "normal kid" foods. We never thought that was even possible. We can't say enough for what PediaSpeech has done for us and our family. It is just short of a miracle.

- Buffy, Mom to Collier

When we first learned of my son's diagnosis we immediately began researching therapists and medical professionals to help us. We wanted the best therapists for him and when we asked friends and colleagues who also had special need children, Jennifer McCullough's name and her practice repeatedly came up.

Since engaging Jennifer and her team a year and half ago, we have not been disappointed. After our first meeting with her, we knew we had the right person to help us. In fact, we now recommend her to everyone.

Jennifer has not only helped our son avoid a feeding tube (as the result of an aggressive but very doable feeding plan), she has also helped him make progress toward his speech (he's 2 and non-verbal) through extensive oral moral treatment.

Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable about and committed to helping children with feeding and speech challenges. Every day we are so thankful for her and only wish we could take her home with us!

We're also thankful for her friendly staff. Every time we walk in the door, we're greeted with smiles and sincere interest in my son's progress. 🙂

- Carolyn, Mom to Kai and Riley

PediaSpeech recently added an Occupational Therapist to their staff & we are thrilled with the addition. Kris is fantastic! He is incredibly creative with the ways he works with my daughter to meet her goals. He is also very patient with her when she tantrums during a task she does not want to complete. We are so glad PediaSpeech added OT to their services!

- Lisa, Mom to Avery

Our 2 year old daughter is seeing Beth Frilingos at PediaSpeech for a speech disorder. Beth did the initial speech evaluation in August 2011 and has been working with our child since then. Our daughter has made great progress in the last two months, and I know she'll continue making progress with Beth. Based on the diagnosis, we'll be in speech therapy for a few years, so I'm glad we found PediaSpeech and Beth. I feel so much better knowing that Beth has a plan for our daughter and that she helps other children with the same speech disorder. As a mom herself, Beth is great at relating to our daughter during therapy sessions.

Beth allows me to sit in on the sessions to learn how to better work with our child at home. Beth is also very accommodating when I need to bring our older child along as well.

In addition, the support staff is highly knowledgeable about insurance issues and is very helpful in general.

I highly recommend PediaSpeech!

My daughter has been with PediaSpeech for one year now; she was formally diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech last fall when she was 20 months old. My husband and I could not be happier with the level of expertise we've received from Jennifer McCullough and Carly Morris or the progress we've seen in our daughter in just one year. We feel like they treat her like one of their own, they keep her focused for the full thirty minutes and give us helpful feedback after every session so we can work on the same issues at home. Best of all, my daughter loves them and is excited to go weekly. In all, I would highly recommend PediaSpeech to anyone who has a child in need of speech services - they are phenomenal and we feel so lucky to have found Jennifer and Carly!

- Christine, Mom to Marissa

Our son has made significant improvement over the past year, he started seeing Lisa Czech in June 2010. At times in the past, he would get so frustrated and cry when he couldn't communicate his needs. Lisa changed all of that, when he first met Lisa he was resistance, but after a few visits all that change, he couldn't wait to see her. Lisa does a great. In just a few months he was saying words, making letter sounds and saying his shapes and numbers. Thank you so much for all that you have done. What was once gibberish is now "SPOKEN WORDS". Thank you so much.

-Kimberly, Mom to Elizabeth

I cannot believe the progress my son has made thanks to Jennifer and her excellent team in just 6 months. My son was 5 when a developmental pediatrician recommended speech therapy for his word retrieval and short term memory difficulties. He did not recognize any letters despite teaching him at preschool and me trying at home. It was very frustrating for both of us. We saw Jennifer twice a week and within 3 months he recognized all the letters and is now reading his first books. He is far ahead of his class . The wonderful thing about PediaSpeech is not only do they teach the kid, but they also educate the parent in order to work with the child at home. If you worry about your child having a learning disability or falling behind, just have him or her evaluated by PediaSpeech, they will let you know what's wrong and if they can help. I would really recommend them.