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Choosing a therapist for your child is an important decision. There are many factors to consider. To help you decide, here are some of the comments from past and present parents with children who benefited from PediaSpeech Services.

Note: Your privacy is a concern that we take very seriously. The comments posted here are used with permission.

We could not be more pleased with PediaSpeech! After years of therapy at other locations, we saw significant improvement with our son once we switched to PediaSpeech. Jennifer and her team took the time to assess what therapies our son needed and put a plan in place to help him. In addition to needing speech therapy, Jack has ADHD and has always struggled with reading.  We utilized the Fast ForWord program and in less than a year Jack was more engaged at school, and for the first time in his life he is reading at grade level.

-- Kim D., son to Jack (8)

I am an adult client with a tongue thrust issue that had destroyed the orthodontic work I had done to straighten my teeth.  I was referred to PediaSpeech by my orthodontist in order to teach me how to fix my tongue thrust so my teeth would stay in place. Well my second round of braces came off in June and between my devout retainer wearing and my new way of swallowing, everything seems to be staying in place! I was so thrilled to have worked with PediaSpeech as they helped me to see such clear results.  I was skeptical that I could truly learn to swallow differently, but after just a few short months, I really noticed that it was becoming habit.

-- S.T., adult client

We've been coming to Pediaspeech for almost a year now and the improvement in our two year old has been exponential. Working with both Ms. Melissa and Ms. Maria has taken us from not walking to running, EVERYWHERE! The range of things they work on with her is incredible and our daughter absolutely loves them. For speech we've seen Ms. Kayla and Ms. Lauren and they've both worked super hard to get our daughter talking. We absolutely love everyone there and would recommend Pediaspeech to anyone and everyone.

-- M. McDade

My daughter saw Carly Davis for speech therapy and had a very positive experience and outcome. Carly is a highly skilled therapist with a very fun and warm approach in working with young kids. I felt very comfortable with her working 1:1 with my daughter who grew to be quite fond of her time with Carly. Carly always took time to talk to me and explain what she was working on and "homework" to practice in between sessions. It's been a year and a half since my daughter's therapy and we still refer to Carly often and how proud she would be of my daughter's progress. Highly recommend Carly and Pedia Speech!

-- Jenny T.

My daughter, Isabelle, at 2 yrs old stopped talking after speaking a few words at 18 months. Her pediatrician suggested visiting a speech therapist. After much research, PediaSpeech and Jennifer McCullough stood out as top recommended specialists, receiving high accolades for their outstanding work with speech challenges. We made our initial appointment, were greeted by a very friendly staff and Jennifer McCullough walked us through the process of testing making us feel at ease. Isabelle was tested and diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia.

Hearing any diagnosis of what is wrong with your child is scary but Miss Jennifer explained what this meant, the steps needed to help Isabelle and course of therapy she suggested. We started weekly visits and saw a HUGE improvement in a few short months with Carly Davis. Isabelle LOVED visiting Miss Carly and we watched Isabelle speak more and more words each week. Carly allowed us to sit in each session, gave us great tips to help improve speech and made each session fun for all of us. I'm happy to say Isabelle "graduated" from PediaSpeech in 10 months and is now speaking full sentences like any typical 3 year old. I am thankful everyday Isabelle can talk with other children instead of getting frustrated that she could not communicate like 1 year ago. I cannot recommend PediaSpeech and Carly Davis enough!!

-- Karolina A.

My son is 8 years old and has been diagnosed with significant reading and language delays as well as an eating disorder. After trying literally dozens of different therapists, we finally found the right ones. Collier’s therapist has been working with him on expressive language, memory, reading comprehension, etc. and he has made TREMENDOUS improvements under her guidance. She is EXCELLENT.

Regarding his eating disorder, my son ate nothing but pureed baby food until he was 6 1/2. We tried tons of doctors and therapists--with no luck. We had pretty much given up hope. Then, we found PediaSpeech and Miss Jennifer. She had him eating within THREE months. It has been over a year and he now eats strawberries, pizza, and all of the other "normal kid" foods. We never thought that was even possible. We can't say enough for what PediaSpeech has done for us and our family. It is just short of a miracle.

- Buffy, Mom to Collier

When we first learned of my son's diagnosis we immediately began researching therapists and medical professionals to help us. We wanted the best therapists for him and when we asked friends and colleagues who also had special need children, Jennifer McCullough's name and her practice repeatedly came up.

Since engaging Jennifer and her team a year and half ago, we have not been disappointed. After our first meeting with her, we knew we had the right person to help us. In fact, we now recommend her to everyone.

Jennifer has not only helped our son avoid a feeding tube (as the result of an aggressive but very doable feeding plan), she has also helped him make progress toward his speech (he's 2 and non-verbal) through extensive oral moral treatment.

Jennifer is extremely knowledgeable about and committed to helping children with feeding and speech challenges. Every day we are so thankful for her and only wish we could take her home with us!

We're also thankful for her friendly staff. Every time we walk in the door, we're greeted with smiles and sincere interest in my son's progress. 🙂

- Carolyn, Mom to Kai and Riley

My son has CP and when his previous OT decide to close we were guided to PedisSpeech. He absolutely loves Melissa and Maria they are patient but still push him to get stronger. They have been a great asset to our team of care providers. Thanks ladies for all of your continued support!!!

-Tan M.

Pedia Speech has truly been a God send for our son and family. Carly is my son's speech and feeding therapist. She is an absolute angel. It's been over 2 years now, that he has been going. He is 6 years old and has moderate Autism. He is now speaking sentences he has learned and has created on his own. He can understand questions, answer them and ask some of his own. He speaks clearly and understands information better. He sits still in his chair, enjoys learn play and feeding, in every session. He takes direction well from her, at home and at school. He can comfortably, properly chew and swallow table foods now, self feed and have full meals with a drink out of a cup. Finding PS was the best thing, that ever happened to our son. He is independent now and confident in SO MANY WAYS!!!! They gave my son a new chance at life, a new way of life. Our family is SO MUCH BETTER, now that he has received the blessings that have come out of Pedia Speech. He is definitely a different child now. Because when he started at PS, his vocabulary was limited. He spoke very little, he was resistant, he was less confident, he was unable to do the lessons there, he would be so upset coming and crying during the sessions. He was still on the bottle and could only tolerate baby food. He would have texture issues with his practice foods and drinks. He would gag, feel apprehensive about it all and just be completely uncomfortable. Despite all of PS efforts to make the children, parents, environment and sessions completely comfortable. But the truth is our kids do not want to come and do the work because they do not know how beneficial it is to them. WE KNOW it will improve and change their lives forever! But US as the parents MUST dedicate our consistency to our children, in these ways, so that they can have a BETTER LIFE!!! So come TRUST and see how Pedia Speech WILL transform your child into a better being. Put in the work, allow them to show you how much easier your child's life will be, improve your family life and create a happier future for your child. I whole heartedly trust Pedia Speech, with my entire being. The staff are very caring, understanding, non judge mental, friendly, helpful, professional and very knowledgeable in every way. I wish all your children and families the best, take care.

-- Jennifer B.

My daughter currently sees Maria and Melissa for OT. They have been fantastic. They are caring, but always try to find new ways to challenge and interest her. My daughter is on the spectrum, but she always lights up when she sees them. We are very happy there.

-Mijha G.

My daughter's pediatrician recommended PediaSpeech when my daughter began showing signs of a speech delay. I am so glad that she did! The therapists and staff have been wonderful, and I've seen my daughter progress from being completely non-verbal to being able to ask for what she needs with simple words in the course of six months. It's amazing to see her blossom and begin to communicate. I highly recommend PediaSpeech to anyone in need of speech or occupational therapy for their child.

-Kristi Y.

I cannot believe the progress my son has made thanks to Jennifer and her excellent team in just 6 months. My son was 5 when a developmental pediatrician recommended speech therapy for his word retrieval and short term memory difficulties. He did not recognize any letters despite teaching him at preschool and me trying at home. It was very frustrating for both of us. We saw Jennifer twice a week and within 3 months he recognized all the letters and is now reading his first books. He is far ahead of his class . The wonderful thing about PediaSpeech is not only do they teach the kid, but they also educate the parent in order to work with the child at home. If you worry about your child having a learning disability or falling behind, just have him or her evaluated by PediaSpeech, they will let you know what's wrong and if they can help. I would really recommend them.

My son has been a client of PediaSpeech for over a year. We have worked with two therapists on their clinical team, both excellent. My son has made progress and I am very thankful for the professional services and how welcome I feel at each appointment.

--Lianne S.