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Modified Baby-Led Weaning

Baby-Led Weaning is a global and fast growing approach used for babies to transition to eating real food.

What is Baby-Led Weaning?

The theory is that by about 6-months your baby is ready to explore, mouth and munch on table foods that you eat on a daily basis. According to this approach babies do not need to be fed pureed, mashed baby food. Here is a link to explain this approach further Most of the babies we see, however, are not able to follow the BLW approach without some modifications. Their oral motor skills are impaired and could create a choking hazard if some modifications are not implemented. Our therapists are trained in how to adapt this program to make it a safe way for your baby to learn to explore and eat table food. For more information on ‘adapted baby led weaning’ check out this site:


Our therapists will provide you with home programs and suggested tools to help your child safely follow the Baby Led Weaning program while at the same time we help to improve the underlying oral motor difficulties they may have.

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