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Debra Beckman Oral Motor Protocol

Beckman Oral Motor is an assessment and treatment tool used to determine and treat oral motor delays and disorders.

What is Beckman Oral Motor Intervention?

Beckman Oral Motor Intervention for infants includes specific interventions that provide assisted movement to activate muscle movements and build oral strength. The focus of these interventions is to increase oral response to pressure and movement, range, strength, variety and control of movement of the lips, cheeks, jaw and tongue.


It begins with an assessment to identify the specific areas of weakness and struggle in oral motor function. This assessment is executed through observation of various movements and coordination of the lips, tongue, and jaw.


Based on the assessment, the protocol employs specific techniques and exercises to target the identified oral motor difficulties. These exercises involve the use of tactile cues, such as pressure and touch, to stimulate and guide the movements of the lips, tongue, and jaw. The ultimate goal is to improve oral motor control and function for the child.

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