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Happy Holidays from PediaSpeech!

By Mickey Mellen | Dec 7, 2012

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The Holidays are here so PediaSpeech has put together some items you can add to your children’s Holiday Gift List!Some ideas from our Speech Therapists:Ages 15 months – 3 yo To work on: Cause & effect, Appropriate play skills, Following directions (e.g., in and out), Identifying/naming common pictures, Pretend play Fisher Price —Little…

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How can we help our children?

By Mickey Mellen | Oct 18, 2012

Carly Morris is currently reading this book and has found a lot of very useful information in relation to our profession and raising children. This book provides information regarding executive functioning, early intervention and promoting  parent/child socioemotional development. This book focuses on children’s character vs. cognition to achieve success. Teaching children skills such as executive…

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Apraxia-The Story of the Tarpley family

By Mickey Mellen | Oct 4, 2012

APRAXIA. What does that mean?Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) is a motor speech disorder. Children with CAS have great difficulty planning and producing the precise, highly refined and specific series of movements of the speech mechanism . Most children who are diagnosed with CAS have receptive (or understanding) skills within normal limits. These children perform…

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By Mickey Mellen | Sep 28, 2012

PediaSpeech wants to welcome Mirabel to our practice this month! Mirabel is a special little girl who at 11 months of age began having seizures in an area of the brain called the temporal-parietal lobe also termed the “Wernicke’s area”. This part of the brain is critically involved with speech and language as well as…

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1-2-3, MAGIC!

By Mickey Mellen | Sep 19, 2012

Attention all Parents! If you are having trouble discipling your child, we have just what you need. It’s called “1-2-3 Magic” and from experience here in the PediaSpeech office, it works! 1-2-3 is America’s #1 child discipline program and is the leading resource for parenting solutions that are easy-to-learn and proven to work. With 1-2-3…

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By Mickey Mellen | Aug 8, 2012

Mayla says, “Kris the OT says at 12-18 months you should be taking your socks off.  I’ll show him I’m always listening!”

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Books About Communication: Autism and Asperger Syndrome

By Tiffany Woodcock | Jul 27, 2012

Click here to find great books written for and about children with autism and asperger syndrome. For more information on autism and asperger syndrome and other communication disorders visit or call us at 770-209-9826.

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What are some signs or symptoms of feeding and swallowing disorders in children?

By Tiffany Woodcock | Jul 13, 2012

Children with feeding and swallowing problems have a wide variety of symptoms. Not all signs and symptoms are present in every child.  The following are signs and symptoms of feeding and swallowing problems in very young children: arching or stiffening of the body during feeding irritability or lack of alertness during feeding refusing food or…

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By Mickey Mellen | Jun 15, 2012

Picky Eating:  a symptom versus a disorder “Picky eating” is normal for children two to six years of age. When picky eating habits continue beyond these years or lead to nutritional deficits these “habits” may actually be a disorder or a symptom of something else. Picky eating as a disorder occurs when the child’s rejection…

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