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Expressive or Receptive Language: Which One Comes First?

baby in womb

Expressive or Receptive Language: Which One Comes First? Have you ever been chatting around your baby or toddler thinking they can’t understand you, but come to find out they could understand you the whole time? Maybe you were watching football and yelling at your team’s quarterback “Throw it! Throw it!” and next thing you know,…

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What Does the Kaufman Apraxia Test Assess For?

young boy speaking

If you look back at our previous blog, Imitating Speech: What is Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) and How Might it Affect My Child, you will see a breakdown of what Childhood Apraxia of Speech is and how it presents in young children. In a nutshell, CAS involves lack of planning and coordination of the…

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Gestalt Language Processing

Screaming African-American girl with letters in background

Why does my child repeat everything they hear?    We’ve all seen it. The dreaded moment when a toddler is beginning to acquire language, and they repeat something they really shouldn’t. It happens to the best of us. And it happens in every family, whether people care to share the story or not! For most…

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What is Modified Baby Led Weaning?

eating baby

These days many parents are giving their babies control of what they eat at an early age. Instead of preparing separate meals and pureed foods for every meal for their baby, parents are giving them solid table foods, a version of what everyone in the family may be eating for the meal. This method, termed…

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Help Your Child Learn to Read: Phonological Awareness Games for Preschoolers- Deletion/Substitution

phonological awareness game

We have finally arrived at the final part of our Phonological Awareness Games for Preschoolers series! In my three previous Phonological Awareness posts, we have identified the areas of Phonological Awareness that are vital for the foundation of reading, and we have also dug a little deeper into specific games/materials you can utilize at home…

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How Does Sensory Integration Help Our Kids Learn to Talk!

young boy with bubbles

It is no secret that movement is beneficial. It is touted as one of the most important daily activities to manage our mental and physical health and improve brain function. Movement for children is equally important, especially those with sensory dysfunction. Children with sensory processing difficulties have trouble understanding and interacting with the sensations in…

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What are The Main Stages of Gross and Fine Motor Development?

young kid climbing wall

Fine Motor and Gross Motor Development Motor skills are at the forefront of development and affect all areas of daily function.  However, it is sometimes unclear what constitutes a gross motor skill and what constitutes a fine motor skill, and how you know if your child is on track for both. Gross motor skills are…

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What is Tongue Thrust and How Can it be Treated?

young girl smiling

As speech pathologists, we always get this question: What is tongue thrust, and how can it be treated? Tongue thrust is when the tongue protrudes past the teeth during speech, eating, or at rest. Although tongue thrust is a typical pattern/reflex in infancy, it can become a habit causing difficulty with eating, speech, and even…

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Help Your Child Learn to Read: Phonological Awareness Games for Preschoolers- Segmenting and Blending

child reading

In my previous blog posts, I walked you guys through what Phonological Awareness is, why these skills are vitally important to the development of reading in children, and the five areas of Phonological Awareness that are vital to reading success. As a refresher, these skills include Rhyming, Segmentation, Blending, Isolation, Deletion, and Substitution. Today we…

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