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Once you have decided to get an evaluation for your child simply contact our office. Our administrative staff will complete the intake information and schedule you with the most appropriate speech-language pathologist available.

Most of our evaluations take between 1 to 3 hours to complete. The speech-language pathologist will greet you in the waiting room and speak with you about what your concerns are with your child. The speech-language pathologist will then use a play-based evaluation to rate your child's speech and language skills, as well as listen to your input about what your child is doing at home. While playing with your child our therapists will get to know them and your family to determine the best method to evaluate and recommend activities you can do at home to encourage your child.

At the end of the evaluation our therapists will inform you if your child needs weekly therapy or if an online therapy program may be necessary (our weekly therapy visits usually last between 30 to -45 minutes). Finally, our therapist will complete a written report to send to you and your pediatrician with our recommendations for your child. These reports typically take between 2 to 3 weeks to complete and will be mailed to you when completed.

online speech therapy evaluation